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Quackers Club is a Fun, Flexible and Informative eMagazine, which is available its official Website www.quackersclub.com. Our dedicating team offering one stop place providing cutting edge articles on different topics such as Information Technology, Computer and Science, Entertainment News from Industries, Social Media and Local/International News from all over the world. QC Team working hard to provides complete coverage of different events in the form of articles and pictures.

We have launched Quackers Club in February 2017, and within some days we have gain our identity in the world. We also promotes upcoming events, new happenings, trends, contemporary fashion, designers, beauty, health, brands updates, socialize culture, lifestyle, exclusive celebrity interviews and entertainment. We not only cover Pakistani Information but we also bring you latest information from around the world. Quackers Club is an online unique magazine that promotes all aspects of lifestyle and events.

Quackers Club intend to deliver the best, current and quality information in every field of life. Currently Quackers Club have 06 writers from different locations of Karachi, Pakistan.

Quite recently we have also started covering, education, business and startups. We believe that technology is changing the lives of everyone and is not limited to the IT industry.

However, we do keep our best to refrain from sensational yellow journalism, reminding ourselves that Quackers Club isn’t a “tabloid”.

One of Quackers Club Future plan is to provide Web Development Services, Website Designing, Print Media Design, Artwork and other web solutions / promotional activities.

Quackers Club is the place of logical Quacking, you can also submit you logical Quacks on different topics. We are welcome anyone from anywhere in the World to join us and start writing your Blogs right away. We also want to extend our appreciation to our contributors and the loyal readers. Because you guys help us learn more by sharing your valuable suggestions and ideas.

If you have any question or want to share some important information with, you can reach us by using our Contact Us Page.

We love to have a good chat and eager to make new friends.

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